VulnNodeApp - A Vulnerable Node.Js Application

A vulnerable application made using node.js, express server and ejs template engine. This application is meant for educational purposes only.


Clone this repository

git clone

Application setup:

  • Install the latest node.js version with npm.
  • Open terminal/command prompt and navigate to the location of downloaded/cloned repository.
  • Run command: npm install

DB setup

  • Install and configure latest mysql version and start the mysql service/deamon
  • Login with root user in mysql and run below sql script:
CREATE USER 'vulnnodeapp'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';create database vuln_node_app_db;GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON vuln_node_app_db.* TO 'vulnnodeapp'@'localhost';USE vuln_node_app_db;create table users (id int AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, fullname varchar(255), username varchar(255),password varchar(255), email varchar(255), phone varchar(255), profilepic varchar(255));insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test1","test1","test1","[email protected]","976543210");insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test2","test2","test2","[email protected]","9887987541");insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test3","test3","test3","[email protected]","9876987611");insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test4","test4","test4","[email protected]","9123459876");insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test5","test5","test   5","[email protected]","7893451230");

Set basic environment variable

  • User needs to set the below environment variable.
    • DATABASE_HOST (E.g: localhost,, etc...)
    • DATABASE_NAME (E.g: vuln_node_app_db or DB name you change in above DB script)
    • DATABASE_USER (E.g: vulnnodeapp or user name you change in above DB script)
    • DATABASE_PASS (E.g: password or password you change in above DB script)

Start the server

  • Open the command prompt/terminal and navigate to the location of your repository
  • Run command: npm start
  • Access the application at http://localhost:3000

Vulnerability covered

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)
  • Command Injection
  • Arbitrary File Retrieval
  • Regular Expression Injection
  • External XML Entity Injection (XXE)
  • Node js Deserialization
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Insecure Session Management


  • Will add new vulnerabilities such as CORS, Template Injection, etc...
  • Improve application documentation


  • In case of bugs in the application, feel free to create an issues on github.


  • Feel free to create a pull request for any contribution.

You can reach me out at @4auvar

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