VectorKernel - PoCs For Kernelmode Rootkit Techniques Research

PoCs for Kernelmode rootkit techniques research or education. Currently focusing on Windows OS. All modules support 64bit OS only.


Some modules use ExAllocatePool2 API to allocate kernel pool memory. ExAllocatePool2 API is not supported in OSes older than Windows 10 Version 2004. If you want to test the modules in old OSes, replace ExAllocatePool2 API with ExAllocatePoolWithTag API.



All modules are tested in Windows 11 x64. To test drivers, following options can be used for the testing machine:

  1. Enable Loading of Test Signed Drivers

  2. debugging-in-windbg--cdb--or-ntsd">Setting Up Kernel-Mode Debugging

Each options require to disable secure boot.


Detailed information is given in in each project's directories. All modules are tested in Windows 11.

Module Name Description
BlockImageLoad PoCs to block driver loading with Load Image Notify Callback method.
BlockNewProc PoCs to block new process with Process Notify Callback method.
CreateToken PoCs to get full privileged SYSTEM token with ZwCreateToken() API.
DropProcAccess PoCs to drop process handle access with Object Notify Callback.
GetFullPrivs PoCs to get full privileges with DKOM method.
GetProcHandle PoCs to get full access process handle from kernelmode.
InjectLibrary PoCs to perform DLL injection with Kernel APC Injection method.
ModHide PoCs to hide loaded kernel drivers with DKOM method.
ProcHide PoCs to hide process with DKOM method.
ProcProtect PoCs to manipulate Protected Process.
QueryModule PoCs to perform retrieving kernel driver loaded address information.
StealToken PoCs to perform token stealing from kernelmode.


More PoCs especially about following things will be added later:

  • Notify callback
  • Filesystem mini-filter
  • Network mini-filter

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