crAPI - Completely Ridiculous API

completely ridiculous API (crAPI) will help you to understand the ten most critical API security risks. crAPI is vulnerable by design, but you'll be able to safely run it to educate/train yourself.

crAPI is modern, built on top of a microservices architecture. When time has come to buy your first car, sign up for an account and start your journey. To know more about crAPI, please check crAPI's overview.

QuickStart Guide


You'll need to have Docker installed and running on your host system.

Using prebuilt images

You can use prebuilt images generated by our CI workflow.

  • To use the latest stable version.

    • Linux Machine
    curl -o docker-compose.yml pulldocker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --compatibility up -d
    • Windows Machine
    curl.exe -o docker-compose.yml pulldocker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --compatibility up -d
  • To use the latest development version

    • Linux Machine
    curl -o docker-compose.yml docker-compose pull VERSION=develop docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --compatibility up -d
    • Windows Machine
    Visit http://localhost:8888

    Note: All emails are sent to mailhog service by default and can be checked on http://localhost:8025 You can change the smtp configuration if required however all emails with domain will still go to mailhog.


    This option allows you to run crAPI within a virtual machine, thus isolated from your system. You'll need to have Vagrant and, for example VirtualBox installed.

    1. Clone crAPI repository
      $ git clone [REPOSITORY-URL]
    2. Start crAPI Virtual Machine
      $ cd deploy/vagrant && vagrant up
    3. Visit

    Note: All emails are sent to mailhog service and can be checked on

    Once you're done playing with crAPI, you can remove it completely from your system running the following command from the repository root directory

    $ cd deploy/vagrant && vagrant destroy

    For more deployment options visit the setup instructions for more details.

    To know more about challenges in crAPI. Visit challenges

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