Facebook To Develop A Technology That’d Make Brain Reading Possible?

A research by Mark Zuckerberg is underway alleging that Facebook’s all set to fabricate a technology that could make reading brain activity possible.

The asserted research is all about a ‘brain-computer-interface’ as was revealed during an interview, by the sources.

The technology would allow the users to interact with the AR (Augmented Reality) environments simply by the help of their brains.

Navigating menus, moving objects or doing any other activity would all be made possible without the use of the older methods like keyboards, touch-screen or even hand gestures.

All these possibilities would come to life in an AR environment. All the user would do is wear something like a shower cap on the head.

The shower cap like device would then analyse the wearer’s blood flow and brain activity making the impossible possible.

Analyzing neural activity of the brain could easily lead to surmising what a person’s thinking about and that’s exactly what the device would add on to.

Rather than building the new alleged device around the building blocks of apps and tasks, it would be created on how our brains work and how we actually see the world.

Augmented reality is an actual up and comer and Facebook are super excited about getting to experiment with it cited source.

Keeping in mind the ethical paradigm of the alleged “product”, Zuckerberg said the device would only be out if the users consent to it.

The system of the device would never be invasive because that may lead to people not accepting it.

The actual first-hand information about such a technology being developed escaped into the media in late 2017 during a conference.

That very year, Facebook had made known via a research that a technology subsists which could aid typing straight from the brain.

According to what Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post, our brains have ‘enough data to stream 4 HD movies every second’.

And that we’re not using our brains’ capabilities to the fullest. Speech, the only way we transmit data is like using a very old version of a modem.

Typing via the brain would be 5 times faster than the speed we type with on our phones.

But all this could be made possible only when the users trust and have faith in Facebook.

Only last year, tens of millions of users were exploited as their data was shared and harvested on the dark web.

The faith has been a matter of shaking as some scandals and movements against Facebook have emerged.

Hence Facebook had also revealed a “Privacy-focus” vision for the upcoming times’ sake.

Source: www.ehackingnews.com
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