Pornhub launches VPNhub – a free and unlimited VPN service

PornHub wants you to keep your porn viewing activities private, and it is ready to help you out with its all-new VPN service.

Yes, you heard that right.

Adult entertainment giant PornHub has launched its very own VPN service today with "free and unlimited bandwidth" to help you keep prying eyes away from your browsing activity.

Dubbed VPNhub, the VPN service by PornHub is available for both mobile as well as desktop platform, including Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows users to transmit data anonymously, avoids ISP-level website blocking or tracking and keeps your browsing activity private by encrypting your data, even when you are on public Wi-Fi connections.
VPNhub promises never to store, collect, sell, or share your personal information with any third parties for their marketing, advertising or research purposes.

However, in its privacy policy under the heading, "How We Use Your Information," the company says it can sell "aggregate or non-personally identifiable information with non-affiliated third parties for advertising, marketing or research purposes."

Since some government, including that of United Kingdom, are regulating adult content online, launching a VPN service by Pornhub makes sense.
Pornhub launches VPNhub
VPNhub is available in countries across the globe except for Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, due to the ban imposed by the U.S. government.

While mobile users (both iOS and Android) can download and use the VPNhub app for free, desktop users (MacOS and Windows) have to purchase a premium account.

You can also upgrade your free account to a premium subscription for $13 a month or $90 for a full year, which eliminates ads, provides faster connection speeds, and opens up "servers from a wide range of countries."

You can give premium VPNhub a try by using its use 7-day free trial.

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