Hack the Quaoar VM (CTF Challenge)

Once again we are with the vulnhub labs tutorial; this article is related to CTF lab where you will face three challenges to complete the task. This lab is pretty good for beginner as they have to seize only three flag: 1. Get a shell 2. Get root access 3. There is a post exploitation flag on the box. You can download it from here.


 Now scan particular IP with version scan using Nmap tool as given in the image.

nmap -sV

Here it point up the open ports and running services on it. As shown port 22, 53, 80, 445 and etc. are open.

Since port 80 is open therefore let explore target IP: on the browser. From screenshot you can see I have not got any remarkable thing from here.

Later I had used nikto for complete scan and here you can see it has shown robots.txt contains two entries from the highlighted text in the given screenshot.