Capture VNC Session of Remote PC using SetToolkit

Today in this article we’ll try to compromise the target through VNC payload attack using very simple method for beginners. In this tutorial they’ll learn how to create a VNC payload using set tool kit and try to achieve VNC shell of victim’s PC.

Let’s Start!!!

Application > social engineering toolkit

A terminal will launch with set tool kit wizard here select first option to start social engineering attacks.

Type 1

Now we have to select another option to choose any one attack among following. Select create a payload and listener.

Type 4

Here we will select our payload option since we are performing VNC attack therefore we need to go with third option for VNC payload.

Type 3

In next step it requires IP address for payload listener which is (attacker’s IP) then after that it will ask to enter the port for reverse listener and that will be 4444.

Now it starts generating VNC payload and save that payload under heighted path.  Explore /root./set//payload.exe and send payload.exe to target.

Further it will ask to start payload listener type Y and hit enter which will start loading metasploit framework.

Here it launches metasploit framework and start multi handler automatically; now once the victim click on payload.exe file sent by attacker, attacker will get victim’s VNC shell.


Our VNC attack using set toolkit is successful and we received victim’s VNC shell on our system.

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets. Contact here

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