Lab Setup for VOIP Penetration Testing

Hello friends! Today you will learn how to setup VOIP in virtual machine using tribox iso image for making phone calls and sending text messages in local network.

From Wikipedia

Voice over Internet Protocol (also voice over IP, VoIP or IP telephony) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

Let’s start!!

Open vmware, select option “creates new virtual machine”, now for install from wizard select third option:

I will install operating system later

Then click on next.

Now select 2nd option “Linux” for guest operating system and select version “ubuntu”. Then click on next and next as per your requirements.

Explore custom hardware for making following changes:

Click on CD/DVD to browse ISO file “tribox”.

Select bridges connection and enable the check box for replicate connection for network adapter setting.

Then click on finish.

Trixbox is the world’s most popular Asterisk-based distribution. Trixbox enables even the novice user to quickly set up a voice over IP phone system and other necessary applications such as mysql and more. Trixbox can be configured to handle a single phone line for a home user, several lines for a small office, or several T1s for a million minute a month call center.

It will start rebooting the vm automatically, now for TRIBOX CE installation follow given below steps:

A dialog box will appear for selecting option keyboard type, here chose option “US” as given in below image. Then click on OK tab.

Another dialog fox will ask to choose time zone, select Asia/ Kolkata. Then click on OK tab.

Now enter the password you want to give for root user. I had given tribox as password. Again type confirm password and then click on OK tab.

Now it will start installation process automatically which will take some time as shown in given below image. Do not disturb installation until it becomes 100 % completely.

Once installation will complete it will ask for login. Type username: root and password: tribox

Check network interface using “ifconfig” command, now from here I came to know my vm IP:

Now open this IP: in web browser. Here through Tribox GUI we are going to create some users account by assigning them extension number. For example you received 8 digit numbers for your land-line from service providers.

By default tribox GUI open with user mode and for creating extension number we need to switch into admin mode.

Click on switch option for user mode given on top of right corner.

The authentication is required for login into admin mode of tribox.

Now enter username: maint and password: password as admin credential.

You will get a pop up message for tribox registration, close this message.

At tribox platform you will see server status, now click on PBX option and select PBX setting option from given menu.

Under setup list of admin select extensions option as basic setup.

Select device

Now follow given below steps for creating an extension inside the server:

Device: generic SIP device

Click on submit

Add extension

User extension: 1234567 (any 7 digit number)

Display name: ignite (name of user/ customer you want assign this number)

Device options

Secret: 123

Dtmfmode: rfc2833

Once you have enter the information for creating a new extension click on submit.

Similarly create one more extension so then we can check communication between both extensions.

From given image you can see now we had configured two extension 1st for ignite [1234567] and 2nd for raj[12345678].

We had created two extensions one as caller and other as receiver. You can create multiple extension as per your requirement.

Now click on orange color tile for apply configuration changes to put them into effect.

A pop will open here select continue with reload

Now this is all about server installation and configuration of extension inside it.

Now download ZOIPER application in your system

Zoiper is a VoIP softphone that lets you send messages, make voice and video calls with your friends, family, colleagues and business partners.

Once it is downloaded it will look like as given below image, now go with setting option for configuration of an account which will be able to make call or receive call from another user.

Select account type SIP and click on next.

If you remember in tribox GUI we had add an extension 1234567 for ignite now enter those information in account wizard in order to save it as new contact.

Now enter user number with server IP as given below

[email protected]

Enter password for this account of your own choice.

Click on next.

It will auto detect the account name as shown in given image. Then click on next.

Your one account has been created in accounted list. Now ignite will be able to make calls or receive calls from another users.

We have already created ignite account in system through zoiper for making and receiving calls. Now we need to install zoiper on other device for other users also, who will be able to make or receive call from ignite.

Download zoiper from Google play stores in your android phone.  Run the application after installation.

Click on config icon for configuration of a new account in your phone as shown in given image and select Accounts option from given list of configuration.  

Then a new window will open click on add account. A dialog box will appear for account setup click on YES.

Now again a new dialog box will pop up select manual configuration for account setup.

Go for SIP as account type you have chose.

Now enter following information for SIP account setting:

Account name: raj


Username: 12345678

Password: 123

Now click on save.

You can see from given image that account for raj is ready.

Hence we have setup two accounts in zoiper one will act as caller let say raj is caller making call to ignite through his phone and ignite will be receiver and get incoming call on system from raj.

As you know we had configured two extension one for ignite another for raj. Now we are going to test this VOIP setup by making call from raj.

Raj had made call to ignite by dialing his number 1234567 and when you will perform this you will hear the outgoing bell from your phone.

Ignite will get incoming call on system as shown in given image. Click on answer for accepting call from raj.

From given screenshot you can see that the call is connected and raj and ignite is having conversation over VOIP call.

Great!!! Hence in this way you can configure your VOIP server for local network and can communicate with multiple users by making calls or chat.

Author: Sanjeet Kumar is a Information Security Analyst | Pentester | Researcher  Contact Here

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