Barnyard2 – Dedicated Spooler for Snort Output

Barnyard2 is an open source dedicated spooler for Snort output as unified2 binary output files. Its primary use is allowing Snort to write to disk in an efficient manner and leaving the task of parsing binary data into various formats to a separate process that will not cause Snort to miss network traffic.

Barnyard2 - Dedicated Spooler for Snort Output

How it Works

Barnyard2 has 3 modes of operation:

  1. batch (or one-shot),
  2. continual, and
  3. continual w/ bookmark.

In batch (or one-shot) mode, barnyard2 will process the explicitly specified file(s) and exit.

In continual mode, barnyard2 will start with a location to look and a specified file pattern and continue to process new data (and new spool files) as they appear.

Continual mode w/ bookmarking will also use a checkpoint file (or waldo file in the snort world) to track where it is. In the event, the barnyard2 process ends while a waldo file is in use, barnyard2 will resume processing at the last entry as listed in the waldo file.

Barnyard2 processing is controlled by two main types of directives: input processors and output plugins. The input processors read information in from a specific format ( currently the spo_unified2 output module of Snort) and output them in one of several ways.



1. Using barnyard2 in continuous mode with a waldo file

2. Using barnyard2 in batch mode

You can download Barnyard2 here:

Or read more here.

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